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Pearls and diamonds

There are two kinds of creative talent: pearls and diamonds. The pearls are the extremely rare and talented gems who seem to float to the surface all of their own accord. Such valuable pearls tend to find their own way to the profession. It’s just a question of being quick enough to the chase. In most cases, the pearls don’t even get a chance to put together a portfolio. Because they are working so hard they simply don’t have the time. And as is the case with real pearls, they are very cheap if you find them yourself, but far too expensive if you buy them from someone else. If you are in charge of hiring creative talent, your first priority is therefore to be a good pearl diver.

On the other side, you have the diamonds. A well-cut diamond can be very valuable. He might not have as much of that inherent natural creativity, but once polished in a good creative environment, he will have developed into a talented individual. And the more facets that are cut into such a diamond, the more beautiful it becomes. But also, the more expensive. Priceless, even. Luckily, every diamond begins its life rough and uncut. But then it is no easy task to spot it amongst the grit. Rough diamonds can only stand out if they have a strong portfolio, preferably put together in a way that really stands out with a brilliance that lingers long after you look away and onto the next one.

You are a diamond but people see you more as a piece of glass? Let me give you some advice on how to demonstrate your creative value.